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The Stop Bullying Now Foundation

Lowell Levine talks about one of the biggest dangers in America's public schools. The Stop Bullying Now Foundation aids children who feel threatened by bullies in school.

The Debra Tendrich Show

Tune in each Tuesday at 7:30pm on 95.3 FM or 1470 AM for the Debra Tendrich Show.Today, Debra takes on the topic of school bullying with guests Sean Kelly, the founder of Stomp the Bullying and Lowell Levine from Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

This is Keaton Jones

He lives in Knoxville and he has a little something to say about bullying.

Beat a Bully without using your Fists

Learn why bullying happens and how to deal with it successfully.


New app sparks concerns over teen cyberbullying


Grace - I Want You to Know

My name is Jill Rembinski. I am emailing you because I would like to share this wonderful message with you in hopes that my daughter may be able to share it with others.  Grace is 13 year old from Canton, Michigan and going into high school next year. Grace was a victim of bullying most of her middle school years due to the way she looked, dressed and the things she liked, including singing. Her close friends were also bullied, including one who tried to take his own life.

Grace was noticed by a music production company on Music Tow in Nashville TN. After much thought of Grace's first project, the writers asked Grace for her ideas on something she was passionate about to put in a song.

She knew that bullying is what she wanted to write about. She wanted to reach people who have been bullied and treated unkind, to let them know that they are not alone and to believe in themselves even when people around them make it difficult to. She was sick with all the media coverage on kids and adults taking their lives due to bullying. Grace did not do this for fame or fortune, she did this in hopes that would help others, even if it meant saving one person's life. Using her words, they put together a beautiful message. The song is called "I Want You To Know".

I heard the words that she used to make this message come to life, it was so moving, yet it made me sad to think that she was feeling so alone. It takes a lot for a teen to speak up nowadays and send this message in a way that would make people listen and I know you have a passion about issues of bullying. Grace hopes that this song inspires people her age, younger and older to stay strong and overcome the trauma of bullying with hopes that they can listen to this and know how important they really are. Please take a moment listen to the song, I have attached the link below.

Thank you and have a great day!
Jill Rembinski


Overdrive 145 - It's not Over (I Refuse to Sink) Official Music Video

This is the first single from our new self titled EP.

Anti-Bullying Interview with Lowell Levine President of Stop Bullying Now Foundation

Ghost Story (Official Video-Directors Cut) - Whitney Woerz

Music & Lyrics: Whitney Woerz
Producer: Glenn Rosenstein
Director - Liz Garbus

Someone Like You - Adele (Allison Cento Cover) 10 years old

 I Hope you Enjoy My Cover. Please Subscribe - Comment and Like.Thank you All for your support.

Sara Stevens - Dance In This Dream

I wrote this song with John Roberts about my experience being bullied. My hope is this song will touch many lives.

John Garamendi - Floor Speech on Bullying

Rep. John Garamendi
D-California, 3rd District
Fairfield, Davis, Yuba City

Positively Tampa Bay: 5K Race Lakeland

Spine Institute of Central Florida partners with Stop Bullying Now Foundation for March 26 race.

Shine and the Moonbeams at The Getty

Local Band from New York Playing Inspiring Soul Music

Hip Hop Weekly Interviews Vinicius Machado

With Vinicius Machado, the fastest rising Latino talent on television today and national spokesman for the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.


You Are a Cool Kid!

Anti-Bullying Project in Honour of National Suicide Prevention Day 2015.

Ariane #WrongNumber Ft Lovely

I want to invite you to join me in bringing awareness to anti-bullying. As I'm sure you are aware that cyber-bullying has become an overwhelming epidemic throughout the internet and social media. With me being in the public eye and on TV, the negative comments and opinions are never ending. I want to support underdogs like myself, and share my message about what I have gone though and what it takes to win.

Nest of Living Arts/Vinicius Machado

Vinicius Machado is a Brazilian born actor who grew up in Orlando, FL.  He is best known for his role on 
Nickelodeon's live action sitcom Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.  Mr. Machado is an active national 
supporter of the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

Nest of Living Arts is a Performing Arts Organization based in Miramar, FL.
N.O.L.A.'s 1st Anti-Bullying Campaign partners with The City Of Miramar.This wonderful opportunity is being 
offered, free of charge, to Broward elementary and middle schools within the Miramar, Everglades and Flanagan 
school zones in Broward, FL.  N.O.L.A. dance companies performed in front of over 1000 students on May 11th 



Young Jay "Stop Bullying" Official Video

Young Jay is back with his official Stop Bullying music video.

Think Before You Bully

Taylor is 9yrs old in the 4th grade. She decided to make a video on awareness of bullying. She wants to be the voice for those who are afraid to speak up.

Young Jay Stop Bullying Interview

Young Jay's Pure Platinum Media Interview.

The Barry Epstein Live Show - Sept. 18, 2014

Barry Epstein interviews founder and CEO of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc., Lowell Levine.

Young J - Stop Bullying

Official video coming soon!

Barry Epstein from Barry Epstein Live

Barry Epstein interviews the founder and CEO of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc., Lowell Levine.  Lowell and Barry discuss the problem of bullying in Palm Beach County, FL and how to implement solutions.

Danny Poulos from Real Estate Insiders

Danny interviews Lowell Levine, founder and president of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc., about bullying in Palm Beach county, Florida


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